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You'll love silk and the many natural benefits that silk will bring into your life whether it is sensual silk sheets, smooth silk pillowcases, snuggly silk doonas or soft silk throws. Silk is the ultimate sleeping companion and our silk bedding is natural, hypo-allergenic (great for allergy sufferers), anti-bacterial (mould resistant) and anti-static (dust resistant) and feels fantastic!

We offer a complete range of luxurious silk bedding, manufactured to Australian sizes and specifications. Silk is natural, feels wonderful against your body and we encourage full skin to silk contact. You spend over a third of your life in bed, so doesn't it make sense to surround yourself with the sensual magic of silk bedding?

Looking for a gift for someone special in your life?

Dreamspace offer a wide range of wonderful natural silk products that everyone will love and you can choose from a silk pillowcase, silk sheets, silk throws or a silk eye mask.

Australia's premier supplier of silk sheets, silk pillowcases and silk doonas.

Dreamspace is located in NSW and has supplied superior silk bedding to Australia for over a decade. We started Dreamspace in reaction to personal health issues with conventional bedding. Our family sleeps with silk and we experience the benefits of clean, natural, healthy bedding every day. We are a family business with a decade of experience supplying silk to Australia and source our silk bedding from China.

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